Thursday, March 27, 2014

Side Wrap & Mini Side Wrap Bracelet Tutorials

I'm definitely a little behind posting things here, I can't even begin to start with how much has been going on lately, lol.

I wanted to make sure that I shared this tutorial here because, honestly, I think it is amazing! As far as I know, a new technique of wrapping the bands on the loom and the result is absolutely fabulous. It looks like a paracord bracelet almost, or a macrame bracelet. I still need to show how I would add beads to it, but I think it just looks fabulous on it's own. I made a regular and mini version and eventually I will make the regular bracelet on one loom too.

You can find the Side Wrap tutorial here:

And the Mini Side Wrap here: 

I hope that you enjoy them! Sorry I'm late posting them here! 

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