Monday, March 10, 2014

Ruffle Bracelet Tutorial

So, I got a bit behind posting tutorials on here that I have released on YouTube. It's crazy how much goes into everything! I have the tutorial for my Ruffle bracelet to share first. I think this is an awesome bracelet, mainly due to the simple fact that it is all made on one loom and it looks like it took two or more! It can be very flashy with the sides pulled all the way out on one side or just a neat thick bracelet to wear.

I called it the Ruffle bracelet because when I first looked at it, it reminded me of the ruffled tuxedos that men used to wear back in the day. I did get a comment on the tutorial saying that I should have named it the Garter Bracelet because it reminded them of a garter belt. ...I think I'll stick with my name since I don't want little kids running around saying they are wearing garters, lol.

I hope you enjoy it! You can find the tutorial for the Ruffle bracelet here:

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