Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Ice Cream Sandwich

So, Rob, over at Justin's Toys is a fan of my Happy Foods, which I think is amazeballs! (they actually added that word to the dictionary!)

He has made a few of them and been awesome enough to promote my channel at times through his instagram page and YouTube due to my Happy Foods.

In a band review video he the very end....he whispers that feelinspiffy (that's ME!) should make a Happy Ice Cream Sandwich! How cool! 

Of course, I'm getting comments left and right letting me know that he asked for me to make him one. So I came up with this one. I thought I did a fantastic job, not to toot my own horn, lol.

The banding to get the nice separation of colors was pretty cool and besides the fact that I would have made if a few more rows longer to look more realistic, I think it was spot on! I was too worried about the band count and disappointing too many kids if I kept letting it creep up there.

But if you would like to try this tasty treat, you can find the tutorial on my YouTube channel, feelinspiffy or right here:

Yummy! :)

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