Thursday, April 10, 2014

Armadillo Bracelet Tutorial

I actually really love this one! It's pretty simple to make, the result is immediately apparent as you loom, it has a great profile and I just love "petting" it. I called it the Armadillo bracelet because as I was trying to come up with a name I kept thinking something along the lines of spiky...but I know spiky was already taken for the name of a bracelet so I just started searching images for spiky things and one of the first pictures was of an armadillo lizard all curled up in a guy's hand...and it looked just like my bracelet! So, that's where the name came from. :)

If you'd like to give it a try, you can find the tutorial here:

Step Up and Beaded Step Up Bracelet Tutorials

Yes, yes, this is similar to the Armadillo bracelet, however, I had wanted to add beads to the bracelet and there just wasn't enough room to do it on the Armadillo, so I increased the size and made room. I like it because the "steps" seem to poke out a little more rather than have a scale like appearance. And adding beads just makes things fun! The technique that I'm using is similar to the layering that I have been doing and I really think it's a fantastic idea to be able to get more on the loom at a time. I hope you'll check these out as well!

Step Up tutorial can be found here:

Beaded Step Up can be found here:

Enjoy! :)

Four Pin Large Kaleidoscope Bracelet Tutorial

So many of my earlier designs were made on the full set of pin bars and now I find myself trying to catch up and make them available to more people by using less pins. Some of my designs are easily transferred to one loom, but others just aren't that easy, like this one. Doing the circles in half is definitely the way to go when trying to make these so the best I can do on a normally 7 pin wide design is cut it down to 4...I plan in the near future to make the 9 pin and 11 pin kaleidoscopes, on 5 and 6 pin bars, but mainly it's just to show how to do it. I have seen many people using my Kaleidoscopes and turning them into other things, which is super cool, especially since they have all been very respectful and not pretended that they came up with something brand new.

Anyways, I present my Four Pin Large Kaleidoscope for your viewing pleasure, maybe you can adapt it into something interesting too!

Catch Up! (Granny Squares Galore!)

Man, I am super behind. It's actually really hard to maintain all the different social sites involved with letting everyone know about your designs. Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile! I'm going to make up for that right now!

First, let's talk about my Granny Square Baskets, they have been a long time in the coming to happen. And they are super adorable! I actually was able to make the entire bracelet on one loom also, so of course there are one and two loom versions of the baskets too!

First, I have the wonderful Granny Square bracelet on one loom that I am super excited to share! As I hope that everyone can see by now, I really want everyone to be able to make my designs, so I downsize them where ever possible...(and there may just a be an offset granny square in the future...shhh!) I hope you enjoy this one loom version if you haven't been able to do it yet! You can find the tutorial here:

And then of course the adorable baskets! I actually think that I like this version the most out of my baskets. Just more picnic like and I can see the granny pattern so much better! You can give the one loom or two loom version a try!

One loom version here:

And the two loom version here:


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Button Caps and Different Ways to Close Bracelets

In the beginning when I started out, I used buttons in my tutorials to close my bracelets. I still think this is a fabulous idea! However, I didn't get quite the response I thought I would have at the time, so I switched back to c-clips. But every once in a while I still get people asking me what button caps are and how to add them. I also had found other ways to close bracelets that I think really jazz them up. If you want to check it out for a few new ideas, you can find the tutorial here:

Thank you! :)

Updated Kaleidoscope Tutorials

Some of my first tutorials were bad! I had bronchitis at the time and as I was told repeatedly, I sounded depressed and in some cases like a man...ouch! lol. I also had some bad camera angles, editing issues, teaching issues...they were just bad. Since the Kaleidoscopes are one of the more popular bracelets that I have, I wanted to update them so that people would understand how to make them better. I particularly wanted to show that it can be made on any loom and that a transfer on the one loom version could be much simpler with bobby pins. I know some people will be like, already been done, give me something new...but I think it's important to make sure that what you have put out is the best it can be and that's why I had to remake these. I have plans to update others as well. I also have about 7 bracelets that I'm currently running through with filming, editing, rendering, uploading and I think they are pretty cool.

But here is where you can find the original Updated Kaleidoscope tutorial:

And here you can find the One Loom version:

Hope they explain things better! :)