Sunday, December 29, 2013

Removed Tutorial

I have removed the One Loom Kaleidoscope bracelet tutorial since there have been people complaining about it.  I will fix or redo it sometime... maybe. The original Kaleidoscope tutorial is still available.  

I am still busy with my family as they are all at home over winter break. Maybe once things get back to normal around here I'll be able to have more "me" time.  Happy Holidays! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Large Kaleidoscope Bracelet Tutorial

Things have been getting crazy around here. It seems like the month of December just sucks away time without a person noticing. Shopping, visiting family,concerts, making cookies, snow that needs shoveling and adding all that on top of all the regular activities of boy scouts, basketball, cub scouts, and all the requirements of being a stay at home mom...I don't have much time to do activities for myself, besides take a nap that is.

I need to finish editing my Herringbone bracelet tutorial, but luckily all the shooting is done. I have had several requests for other tutorials and will be working on them as much as I can, as well as putting together ones for my new bracelet ideas. I will be working hard to get these done as soon as possible, it just may take awhile. Thank you for sticking with me! These are the requested tutorials I have been asked to make:

  • show how to extend the Stained Glass bracelet beyond the one loom length
  • tutorial using two looms to make the Stained Glass bracelet
  • more designs using one loom
  • instructions for bracelet from Nov 14 post

Any other requests?

I did manage to finish up the editing for my latest tutorial, the Large Kaleidoscope bracelet. It is made on 7 pin bars, but you could probably make it on 4 pin bars using the same technique as my one loom Kaleidoscope bracelet.

As always, Enjoy! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Aww Phooey!!

So apparently the video I uploaded to YouTube for my Kaleidoscope bracelet on one loom got distorted some time during all the rendering and uploading. I'm sorry to anyone that had issues with watching it; I know I would be disappointed!

I have re rendered the video and am currently uploading it to YouTube once again. Hopefully, there will be no issues this time. I was really excited to share this bracelet using just one loom, so I'm super disappointed there were issues. The new video should be up and running sometime in the morning.

So, to make amends, I am presenting my tutorial for my Stained Glass bracelet. This one is made easiest using 9 pin bars, but I explain a bit in the video how you can make variations of it using less pin bars. If you have questions about this bracelet, don't be afraid to let me know!

Also, this bracelet can be a little confusing in the looping of the perimeter bands. I apologize for that! An advanced rainbow loomer should not have too much trouble figuring out which bands to loop first in the middle. 


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Busy, Busy Busy!!

I have been super busy! My family and I went out of town to visit the in-laws who are some wonderful people. We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a pool, so the kids had something to do when we weren't visiting or much eating!

I was able to do a little shopping though, even though it just involved my husband dropping me off outside the mall while he did laps in the parking lot. See, I live in a fairly large city for my area (60K) but they don't have the options...for rubber bands...that the city I went to does, which has a population of around 360K, not including the vast suburbs...and being black Friday weekend, it was crazy to just go near the mall. So, a thank you to my dear hubby is in order, lol. Anyways, all that means is that I have some new colors to play around with and I didn't have to order them online...or wait for the stores around here to start carrying them!!! So many bonuses for a little bit of annoyance.

I have been working on new tutorials. I have finished a tutorial for a Large Kaleidoscope bracelet and will post it to YouTube as soon as it starts cooperating...2018 minutes to upload is a little ridiculous! I will try again later and hope it works in a reasonable time.

Also, for those of you who actually read my blog (Thank You!) I thought that you would like to know that I have figured out how to make my regular Kaleidoscope bracelet on 1 loom (that's right, just 1!) It looks almost exactly like the one made on the 5 pin bars. I saw that a lot of people (kids) were disappointed that my bracelets required so many looms and I wanted to do what I could to remedy that. I was reminded that I was an adult with my own income, not a child who had to convince parents to re-buy the same toy again or save up the money (which could be very hard to do!) I will be working on putting together a tutorial ASAP!

So, to sum up...There is a lot coming! Stay tuned!