Saturday, September 27, 2014

Granny Square Tutorial (HOOK ONLY)

Using the techniques I've taught myself while crocheting, I was able to put together a basic granny square. It turned out super cute. This version is what I consider to be the single crochet or lite version since it takes less bands (I have a larger version too.) I was asked to put together this square after a person posted their version to the RL Facebook page. I figured that since the technique to crocheting with bands in this manner is original to me and that a normal, no frills granny square isn't really an original design. I was pretty excited that people came to me for it. Definitely makes me feel pretty good!

I hope you are up for the challenge of a Hook Only design! If you are, check out my YouTube Channel, feelinspiffy, or right here! 

Beautiful! :)


  1. love the tutorial. That design is really cute love your blog! -Amy. From CityCountryGirl9

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  4. Sorry I couldn't post right in the first 2 comments..comp kept hanging up...

    but....OMG I watched a few of your tutorials and looked at your whole blog tonight, it's awesome. Then I came to your Nov 10, 2013 entry and it cracked me up when you said:

    Now, I have seen that people have been adding charms, beads or other things to fancy up the bracelets, but they still have that c/s clip which I think cheapens the whole bracelet. (Can one cheapen a bracelet made of rubber bands?) funny.

    I agree with you 100%. I also dislike the c & s clips. I even dislike the way the one band is used to attach a charm to a bracelet but at the same time I was deciding there has to be a better way to finish my projects off, I thought myself silly, after all, this is a child's toy I'm playing with using RUBBER BANDS.
    I love your creations and I love your blog. I will be coming back..Thanks for the chuckle.

    I'm new at submitting things online but I just started an Etsy store, a FB page and a website for my granddaughter and I hoping by the time she gets old enough she can run it herself. I hope you don't mind if I post the links here. We don't have much listed yet and I hope she can learn to create as awesome as you do. Love them!!

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