Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waffle, Boardwalk and Pixel Bracelet Tutorials (One and Two loom versions!)

I wanted to make a bigger bracelet design and I had an idea of what I wanted and it very awesomely turned into three bracelets that are fabulous in their own right! I thought about having a design that was nice and square and came up with the Waffle Bracelet. I absolutely love it! I also love that it lead to the Boardwalk and Pixel bracelets. Just removing some bands or rows and awesome results! I have one and two loom versions for the Waffle and Boardwalk bracelets and the Pixel bracelet is just one loom. I, of course, show how to extend them as well!

You can find the two loom Waffle Bracelet here:

And the one loom here:

Here is the two loom Boardwalk Bracelet tutorial:

And here is the one loom Boardwalk bracelet:

And here is the Pixel bracelet:

I hope you enjoy all of these! :)

Unicorn Poop Cookie Tutorial (One and Two Loom versions)

So, this is weird, lol. But a long time ago, I made actual unicorn poop cookies (yes they are real! Google them, lol) for a party. They are basically sugar cookies where the dough has been divided into brightly colored sections, then all swirled together into what looks, well, like a poop. Then sprinkles, sugar are added to just make them sparkly...and of course, no other animal besides a unicorn could do that!

I definitely worried about putting out a design with the word poop in it, but hoped that most people would just think it was quirky and not harp on it too much. So far, I haven't had too many comments that have made me too worried. I did have someone ask me to make another tutorial using just brown bands because all the colors were too confusing....definitely not going to happen, lol.

I hope that you enjoy the quirkiness!

You can find the two loom tutorial here:

And the one loom tutorial here:

Hmmm, guess I used the same picture, lol. Have to change that sometime when I remember. :)

Enjoy! :)

3D Swirly Cupcake (One and Two loom versions!)

While making the Cinnamon Roll, I saw the opportunity to make this amazing cupcake too! I love it, it's so adorable and just super fun to look at! I was able to make a one loom version too which I was super excited about and I think it almost is easier than the one loom Cinnamon Roll which is fantastic!

You can find the two loom tutorial here:

The one loom version is here:

And a lot of people said that it looked like a mushroom so of course, I had to put one together and what better mushroom to make than Toad from Mario Brothers.

Awesome! Right!? :)

3D Swirly Cinnamon Roll Charm Tutorial (And a one loom tutorial too!)

After having put out my Swirly Pop Bracelet, it was suggested that it would look great as a cinnamon roll too and I definitely agree! It looks so delicious! I first was only able to do a two loom version but I thought outside the box and came up with a fabulous way to make it all on one loom too! The one loom version is a bit harder, but it's definitely doable, just takes a bit of patience. I just love it, it's squishy!

You can find the two loom tutorial here:

And here is the one loom version:


Swirly Pop Bracelet Tutorial

This design has inspired so many others that will come soon! I love it and think it's super unique! It is a two loom version and though I may be able to break down each swirl down to one loom, I don't think it will be possible to make a super easy one loom version of it. Could make each piece individually and attach them I suppose. But back to the fabulousness (no that is apparently not an actual word) of this design! I just love it!

*I've had a bit of confusion with the design and it being compared to Justin's Toys snail charm, but besides it having a swirl design if you are looking at it from the top down, they aren't similar. This bracelet is flat and made on two looms. His is made on one loom and is 3D. I don't know if the confusion comes from the fact that he used my technique of moving the end cap down the loom to create his design or if people just don't look close enough. lol.

But if you would like to have your own Swirly Pop Bracelet, you can find the tutorial here:

Oh, and look at what else I made with this design!

 An awesome giant swirly pop!

 And awesome lollipops!           

Enjoy! :)

Hot Air Balloon Tutorial!

Taking my crocheting with bands to the next level I have put together an amazing tutorial for a Hot Air Balloon using only a hook! No Loom! It is absolutely fabulous and if you get the first few stitches down, it's pretty easy from there! It does take a few bands, but it's absolutely worth it! My adorable little baby turtle fits in the basket and with a bit of fiddling, you can get the basket to stand up, but if it doesn't; make sure to hang that Hot Air Balloon up! It looks great up in the air like it's supposed to be. I seriously hope that people give this a try because it is beautiful and worth the time!

You can find the tutorial here:

Doesn't that look adorable? Enjoy! :)

Playground Slide Tutorial for the Rainbow Loom

While playing with my kids at the park, I kept looking at all the playground equipment and thought to myself, you can totally make that in rubber bands, lol. You know you've gone over the edge with Rainbow Loom when you do that, lol. Just a little obsessed, lol. So after a lot of trial and error to get it to look the way that I liked, I finally found a great version of the slide I enjoyed! I do plan to do more with playground equipment, just gets a little hard with trying to not have to include a bunch of other random things to support the structures. I'll get it though! :)

You can find the tutorial here:

Enjoy! :)

Round and Square Bling Ring Tutorials!

Using my baby turtle shell for other uses, like the adorable headphones, led to using it for the Round Bling Ring. And after I made it I thought about how not everyone likes a round cut ring so I adapted my pattern to make it a square cut too! I love these rings! They make me feel so girly wearing them. It's like being at a tea party when you were a kid and pretending to be all fancy. They are just fun! I think you should see what I'm talking about and make some of your own!

You can find the Round Bling Ring Tutorial here:

And you can find the Square Bling Ring tutorial here:

I hope you enjoy! 

Radical Rainbow Tutorial using only a hook!

I'm always trying to think outside the box when it comes to the Rainbow Loom. In order to keep it new and exciting I think that using the loom in different ways, looping the bands out of the normal ways and just not using the loom at all. Like with this tutorial. I was really excited to be able to put my crochet skills to use and make this awesome rainbow with only my hook! No loom required! I think it turned out pretty adorable! I hope that you do too. Don't be afraid to try it! Once you get the first two rows down, you shouldn't have any problems with the rest of  it! 

You can find the tutorial here: