Saturday, March 1, 2014

X'd Out Bracelet Tutorial

I came up with this bracelet a long time ago and ever since, I keep thinking I see it done by others. So far, I have not seen an exact copy of mine with the same banding. But I am not so naive to think that someone else didn't come up with this pattern too. So, even though I made it long ago, I didn't publish it, so if someone has come up with it in the mean time....I'm just doing a tutorial on it.

Anyways, I do think this bracelet is great because you can add a lot of colors to make it pop out and you can also add beads to it as well. Doubling it makes a very nice cuff too!

I'm spending the morning turning a spare room into a little crafting space for me! I'm excited about it because with a family of 6 having your own space is something I haven't seen in awhile, lol. I'm hoping that it will give me more time to create!

So enjoy this easy little number to make! And I might just have something this evening to share that will rock your socks off, lol!

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