Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Son's 3rd Birthday!

Yesterday was my adorable son Greyson's 3rd birthday! He was so super excited, especially after having just gone through his sister's first birthday and not understanding why he didn't get to open any gifts. :(

He definitely went through his presents with a determination...brow furrowed, fingers trying to get into any crack left in the wrapping paper to tear it off. He loved it and we all loved watching him!

Of course, I had to make him an adorable cake too! For his, he wanted a dinosaur, so I had to oblige. I stared by using Wilton's stand up teddy bear cake pan. And I'd love to show you the process of how I hacked apart that teddy bear and turned him into a dinosaur, but it's just too gruesome!.... or the images accidently got erased when I was making room on my phone for more pictures/tutorials.... I'm going with too gruesome!

I cut off the bears ears, cut a wedge shape out of front of the face where the nose was for the  dinosaur's mouth and then removed the forehead area to give the dinosaur set back eyes....gruesome, right?

But the images below are the end result of my reconstructive surgery on the bear. I think he turned out pretty great! I had a few issues with the fondant, but nothing too noticeable...besides, we ate it like 4 hours after I finished it, so no one will notice now, lol.


  1. This cake is amazing - you are very talented! Thank you for sharing your design with us.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that took the time to check them out! I know we talk a bit on YouTube, but still wanted you to know! :)