Saturday, February 1, 2014

Zipper Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial

I actually came up with this bracelet on accident. I was trying to figure out another bracelet and how I could manipulate it to work on less looms, but I think it worked out after all. I am kind of nervous that this bracelet has been done before because it really is soo simple in design but that I just haven't seen it yet. I know that for as long as I have been looking on Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and so on, I haven't seen this bracelet that I recall. So, I am keeping it and calling it the Zipper, because it looks like the middle is zipped up. 

And what really makes me excited is that this bracelet is done on only one loom AND it is stretchy enough to go all the way around your wrist without an extension!!! Of course, though, I had a nice fail while making this video. I wanted to show what it would be like to add beads in a different way so you can't see the openings, I sure did that, but I managed to change the entire look of the bracelet so it wasn't even recognizable. But, I couldn't just throw the video out because I said I would show everyone how to add the beads the different way and maybe in my fail, it won't happen to anyone else. That is my fail below, but I still really liked it, so I'm calling it the Vine, lol. 

Without further ado, my tutorial for the Zipper Rainbow Loom bracelet!

As always, ENJOY!!

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