Friday, February 7, 2014

Flying Kaleidoscope (Butterfly) Charm!!!

I am SOOO excited about this charm!!! It is the first that I have made and I think it is absolutely beautiful! It looks almost exactly like a butterfly, it has veining, colors and itty bitty antennae! AND it is made entirely on one loom! This has the beginnings of my new technique I'm going to call layering, which allows me to get a full size result on one loom. AND the entire tutorial is real time, which I know that many people will like.

I have several other charms in the works as well, particularly flowers. We can always have more flowers, maybe it will make Spring come a little sooner! I also have a new bracelet that I know everyone will love! That video is currently uploading, so it should be out soon!

I really hope you like this charm as much as I do. I present you with my tutorial for my Flying Kaleidoscope (Butterfly) Charm.

Thanks for stopping by!! Come back again soon!

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