Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Infinity Stained GlasBracelet Tutorial

So, I finally have a compromise for the Stained Glass bracelet. Before, in order to make the bracelet long enough, you needed to figure out how to extend it, which is difficult or have 6 looms to make it long enough in the first place. I had thought before that I had solved part of the issue by making the bracelet on 1 loom, which reduced the need from 3 looms to just 1. But now, I still had the issue of not having it long enough. Sure if you have 2 looms you can make the bracelet long enough by just extending the pattern. (Only need to have 1 1/2 loom lengths to make a bracelet long enough to go around your wrist.) But many people still only have 1 loom so how to semi solve the issue? 

I have started to use the loom sideways in order to make fuller size bracelets on just one loom. Starting there, I figured out how to make the diamond shape needed and I eventually came up with the Stained Glass Infinity bracelet. It's basically a sideways chunk of the Stained Glass bracelet. It's made ALL on one loom and can be made as long as you want. The repeating pattern is pretty easy once you get it down. I do take apart the loom to accomplish all this. I'm still not sure of the reception my taking apart of the loom is getting, but it makes things so much easier. No removing and reattaching to get a full sized result. 

As you can see above, it is not the exact bracelet, but it is very similar. In order to make it wider and fuller, adding pieces into the sides helps, as shown below. I will work on a tutorial for that in the future. 

Without further ado, I present to you my tutorial for my Stained Glass Infinity bracelet on ONE loom! :)

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