Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waffle, Boardwalk and Pixel Bracelet Tutorials (One and Two loom versions!)

I wanted to make a bigger bracelet design and I had an idea of what I wanted and it very awesomely turned into three bracelets that are fabulous in their own right! I thought about having a design that was nice and square and came up with the Waffle Bracelet. I absolutely love it! I also love that it lead to the Boardwalk and Pixel bracelets. Just removing some bands or rows and awesome results! I have one and two loom versions for the Waffle and Boardwalk bracelets and the Pixel bracelet is just one loom. I, of course, show how to extend them as well!

You can find the two loom Waffle Bracelet here:

And the one loom here:

Here is the two loom Boardwalk Bracelet tutorial:

And here is the one loom Boardwalk bracelet:

And here is the Pixel bracelet:

I hope you enjoy all of these! :)

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