Monday, May 12, 2014

So Infuriating! Boycott this book!

Ladies and Gentleman, I have a request to make. This book pictured was published by Leisure Arts recently. I am asking you to BOYCOTT this book. Why, you ask? Looking at just the cover alone, it says that it contains "17 All NEW Designs"...which is a far cry from the truth. 

This book contains several designs by designers that we look up to and admire for inspiring us to loom on...and one of my designs as well. On the cover alone, you can see the Beaded Starburst ring designed by Made by Mommy. You can see the turtle, shark and basic action figure (though they made it a girl) all designed by Pgloomacy. You can see the double starburst with the braid up the middle which was originally put together by Larry Roberts who dubbed it the "hardest rainbow loom bracelet." On the inside you can see my Herringbone bracelet renamed the Chevron (a name I didn't choose because it was already taken.) 

I have yet to lay my hands on the book itself, so who knows what else is in there. What I do know is that several of the designs that were put in the book were not *NEW* as they were the result of hard work and creativity from other people. Leisure Arts has found a way to take advantage of the "little people" and profit from their designs without so much as a footnote in their book or compensation for the tens of thousands of dollars they stand to make. 

Leisure Arts has done this before, in another book published by them, they used justinstoys Hexafish bracelet with no credit to him whatsoever. They may have found a legal loophole, but ethically they are neck deep! When a person familiar with all the designs can't tell the difference when looking at know you shouldn't call it new or original... Let this company know that they cannot take from the "little people" and get away with it! If you believe in what I'm saying, look out for future posts from me regarding this book and Leisure Arts. Thank you for reading!

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  1. It angers me beyond words when a large company does this sort of thing. Unfortunately, unless an actual copyright or patent is owned through proper copyright or patent office, there isn't much we can do except get the word out to other crafters that this is happening. Thank you for this post. Also, unfortunately, once something is on the internet, the public has complete access to it and we have no control over who steals it or uses it for their own gain! I think it is very important that all crafters learn what large corporations are doing to the little people who are the true designers and creators. I share in your frustration Ellen!