Thursday, April 10, 2014

Four Pin Large Kaleidoscope Bracelet Tutorial

So many of my earlier designs were made on the full set of pin bars and now I find myself trying to catch up and make them available to more people by using less pins. Some of my designs are easily transferred to one loom, but others just aren't that easy, like this one. Doing the circles in half is definitely the way to go when trying to make these so the best I can do on a normally 7 pin wide design is cut it down to 4...I plan in the near future to make the 9 pin and 11 pin kaleidoscopes, on 5 and 6 pin bars, but mainly it's just to show how to do it. I have seen many people using my Kaleidoscopes and turning them into other things, which is super cool, especially since they have all been very respectful and not pretended that they came up with something brand new.

Anyways, I present my Four Pin Large Kaleidoscope for your viewing pleasure, maybe you can adapt it into something interesting too!

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