Monday, January 13, 2014

Herringbone Bracelet Tutorial

Today has been a pretty good day! I went out for a little craft shopping and much to my delight, JoAnn's was having a sale on their rubber bands. A whopping 50% off their already low price of $1.99 a bag for 500 bands. That means that I would have paid .99 cents a bag, but I also had a coupon for 20% off my total purchase, so that means even less! I'd say how much I got, but who knows if the hubby reads this, lol. Let's just say that I'm stocked up for quite awhile. Plus, some of the bands were dyed differently, so it was like getting a bonus of colors!

I also grabbed another one of my favorite storage boxes for bands. They were also 50% off today, normally $19.99. Because I loom a lot, and have multiple looms, this box is perfect. It is the Art Bin Super Satchel with dividers. It's deep enough to hold multiple bags of rubber bands (3 to be exact) and it can store multiple looms as well if you leave out some of the dividers. Although, I have been storing my looms in a different case for awhile now; (a Recollections scrap booking case that has a large tray on top to hold my looms and a divided area underneath for rubber bands or what not), I still really like the Art Bin.

Anyways, enough of that. You've come for the tutorial, so I present to you my tutorial for my Herringbone bracelet. It takes 5 pin bars to make and is an advanced pattern. I recorded this video before I received the critiques on my other ones, so I have tried to edit it as best I can to satisfy all the suggestions. It is still not perfect, but hopefully, you are able to make this bracelet without too much trouble.


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