Friday, January 31, 2014

Cakes just for FUN!

So, I have so many other hobbies besides the Rainbow Loom. Crochet, reading, gaming, paper crafting, kumihimo, beading, baking and so on. It's the last one, baking, that helped to create this cute little monster for my adorable monster. My youngest son is absolutely in love with everything Elmo...books, stuffed animals, clothes, and so on. I had the urge to make something kind of extravagant, but I didn't really have a reason to do so, no birthdays, no holidays, no special I decided to go for it, just because.

This Elmo was made using Wilton's stand up teddy bear pan, which I always manage to overfill with batter because while I'm filling it, I just keep thinking it needs a little more....just a little more and BAM! cake all over....thank goodness I always put a cookie sheet under it. I had picked the pan up years ago and have used it maybe a handful of time, not because I don't want to, I just haven't had the need for a teddy bear.

But how did a teddy bear turn into an adorable Elmo you ask? I chopped off his tail, and ears and cut a large mouth into it's face and made indents in the feet for toes. Sounds so violent, but I assure you, the cake didn't feel a thing.  I covered him in butter cream icing and then in pre-made fondant from Wilton. Normally, I would make the fondant, but it is super hard to get a really nice red that doesn't taste awful. It's either just a dark pink or I've used so much food coloring get that you can taste it (even the no taste DOES have a taste after you put so much in.) Those reasons above and probably the most important was that I had run out of rubber gloves to wear while working the color into the fondant and I did NOT want red hands...again. Ok, so they weren't red, they were purple and it was awful!

I took the ears I cut off, covered them in butter cream, and then fondant for the eyes. Adding a black fondant center for the pupil. The nose was basically a cake pop made from the mouth and tail pieces and again covered in butter cream and fondant.

I guess I just wanted to share my Elmo. Overall, I was very happy with how he turned out and seeing my son's face light up when he saw it was worth it all day long. It's great to do things, just because!

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