Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update + New Deisgns

I'm working hard to get more tutorials ready for my bracelets. I ran into an issue with my editing software and I'm trying to figure out a work around to get it to do what I want. I do really appreciate everyone that enjoys my designs. Keep checking back to see where I'm at and for new updates. I will have the tutorials done as soon as possible!!

I haven't been idle though. I've been working on new designs.

This one is extremely close to the Flower Power or Plate bracelet patterns. However, adding just a few more bands gives it a rounder appearance. I'm thinking of calling this one the Bubble bracelet, because my youngest son called it bubbles when he looked at it . I'm guessing that this design may have been done before, but I haven't noticed it. This was made on 5 pin bars. With some extra fussing, it could probably be done on 3 pin bars.

After I made the above bracelet, I decided it would look cool if I doubled it. I think it turned out pretty neat. I made it using 9 pin bars, but you could make one side on 5 pin bars and then combine them fairly easily. So, this is my Double Bubble bracelet.

So, of course, looking at the last bracelet, I decided I needed to fill in the holes in the center of the bracelet. I really like this one. I think that I'm going to call this the Argyle bracelet. If the colors were moved around a bit, it may be more apparent that it has an argyle pattern to it. Or, maybe, I will go with the name Checker bracelet, since it could be seen as that too. Ah! I'll have to decide some time. This one was made on 9 pin bars and I don't think it would be possible to make it on any less. It is also a huge pain to extend it beyond one loom length. I actually had to undo some of the bracelet to get it to go together with the extension.

So, what do you think of these designs? Have you seen them before or are they as new and neat as I hope they are?


  1. Hey ellen, its Sara, you may have seen some of my bracelets on rainbow looms fb page... anyways, I was wondering if you could post or send me what the bands look like on the loom before looping for the bubble bracelet. I have 2 looms, and can figure out the looping if you could just show me the band placement! Pretty please. Haha thank you.... sarashubs@gmail.com

  2. Hi Sara. I can do that, but if you check out the video tutorial for the Stained Glass bracelet I just posted you might get it a bit quicker. If you want to make the Bubble Bracelet, you just make one row of the black diamonds and then fill them in with the starburst pattern. I think I semi-explained how to do that in the video, along with if you want to do the Double Bubble. Check it out here: http://craftingfantastic.blogspot.com/2013/12/aww-phooey.html or on my YouTube channel.